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Here are just some of the steps we take: Whatever strategy you decide on, remember that no method is perfect.

But some tend to be better than others, given your specific circumstances and unique requirements.

As an advisor, you know the value of having a continuity partner.

In the event you become ill or otherwise unable to participate in the business, your partner can step in to ensure client service continuity, keep your staff informed, and protect your family from unnecessary stress.

It's also perfect if you want to practice talking to other advisors about joining as continuity partners, without the embarrassment of imposing on a colleague you know well.Each takes a slightly different approach and appeals to a particular market.But for most of these sites, the key to making a match is finding common ground.One important point to keep in mind here: by selecting a partner based on a surface profile, you may miss aspects of the practice that do not align with your client, staff, and family needs.This approach is unlikely to yield long-term results unless both parties are willing to put in the time to make it work.

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