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Susan and Wyatt are not seeing eye to eye on how they should approach either Leonard's family or the wedding.As the ceremony approaches, the unpredictability of the situation may prove to ... S, That 70's show , The Office , Modern Family , I. Sheldon calls his mother to return his great-grandmother's ring which he had intended for Amy, but Mary tells him to wait.Sheldon briefly considers dating Mandy to hurt Amy.

A dejected Leonard cannot believe he is spending his wedding night with Sheldon, though Sheldon always expected this.CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #535In an effort to encourage transparency among those who seek high office, I am releasing my dog's medical records. As you can see he is receiving acupuncture and taking prednisone for his arthritic knees. Regardless, he is perfectly fit to serve as my dog.(Scan of veterinary exam checklist) See more » History of Everything (Instrumental version) (uncredited) Written by Barenaked Ladies Performed by Barenaked Ladies [Instrumental version of series theme song played over the closing credits] See more » This show used to be very good in the beginning but as of Amy's introduction it started to get pretty dull really quick. These last 3 seasons were so bad that I would rather watch the toilet water for 20 minutes instead of this. I have no idea how they went from one of the best comedies(first 4 seasons) to something so bad that it actually disgusts me. I only watch this show now because of Sheldon Cooper's character....rest of the characters are incredibly boring,except for Raj sometimes. Seriously,nothing even happened in the opening and the ending of the last season was so dull that I doubt there will be another season after this.

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