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(9) Documentation of the individual’s disability, including functional and medical limitations. (13) The individual’s progress over the last 365 calendar days and current level in the following areas: (i) Health. Code § 6500.152 (relating to development, annual update and revision of the ISP). (b) When an individual is not receiving services through an SCO, the residential program specialist shall be the plan lead when one of the following applies: (1) The individual resides at a residential home licensed under this chapter. (8) The individual’s ability to evacuate in the event of a fire. (12) Recommendations for specific areas of training, programming and services. Code § 6400.213 (relating to content of records); and 55 Pa.

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(3) The individual’s current level of performance and progress in the following areas: (i) Acquisition of functional skills. (6) The individual’s ability to safely use or avoid poisonous materials, when in the presence of poisonous materials. Code § 6400.182 (relating to development, annual update and revision of the ISP); 55 Pa. Code § 6500.151 (relating to assessment); and 55 Pa. (5) Copies of the ISP, including annual updates and revisions under § 6400.186 (relating to ISP review and revision), shall be provided as required under § 6400.187 (relating to copies). Code § 6400.44 (relating to program specialist); 55 Pa. Code § 6400.186 (relating to ISP review and revision); 55 Pa. The protocol must include the current level of independence and the method of evaluation used to determine progress toward the expected outcome to achieve the higher level of independence. (4) A protocol and schedule outlining specified periods of time for the individual to be without direct supervision, if the individual’s current assessment states the individual may be without direct supervision and if the individual’s ISP includes an expected outcome which requires the achievement of a higher level of independence.

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