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This program serves the Riverdale community by organizing recreational activities, professional development workshops, arts and crafts, guest speaker presentations, field trips, and community events for students at partner schools.

YEP offers its activities in rotating themes every three months, including teen exploration, health and fitness, and environmental conservation.

The jury awarded an additional million in punitive damages, to pay the lawyers.

The lawyers’ summations of the case volleyed from high-minded (with references to the Founding Fathers) to ad hominem (with accusations of deception and cheating).The eight jurors slapped Greer with the eight-figure bill for the emotional suffering he caused Mirlis by assaulting and battering the boy over a three-year period, from his sophomore to senior years at the high school.The panel calculated the total after also concluding that Greer and the yeshiva had shown recklessness and intentional infliction of emotional distress and the school separately had displayed negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress.The verdict followed a suspenseful four-day trial here at U. District Court, with a cliff-hanger ending about whether the yeshiva was also liable.Two victims — Mirlis and the yeshiva’s assistant dean, Aviad Hack — both described their underaged sexual encounters with Greer in graphic detail.

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