Sex and love addicts online meetings

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Our commitment is to help others recover from sexual addiction, just as we have been helped.” If you believe you have a problem with sex addiction (or are wondering if you might) and you want to change your behavior, we recommend that you find and attend a meeting of Sex Addicts Anonymous as soon as possible.

We have found that the path to recovery begins with meetings.

meeting in your area, try one of the other "S" fellowships active in Ontario: Sex Addicts Anonymous; Sexaholics Anonymous; Sexual Compulsives Anonymous.

Examples of bottom line behaviors might include sexual or romantic activity outside the scope of monogamous relationships, anonymous or casual sex, compulsive avoidance of intimacy or emotional attachment, one-night stands, compulsive masturbation, obsessive fantasy, compulsive attraction to unavailable or abusive partners, and a wide variety of addictive sexual, romantic, or avoidant behaviors. Our Ontario Intergroup does not speak for all of S. The only requirement for SLAA membership is a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction. Many members of the fellowship have found our convention speaker and workshop CD's to be a valuable resource in their recovery.The ISO is pleased to announce the immediate availability of downloadable mp3 audio files.

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