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The movement achieved real prominence in 2005, with the publication of Neil Strauss's book The Game, in which he described his own journey into the odd subculture.

This is a look at some of the aspects of this weird world.

Online dating websites and apps like Tinder, Bumble, and OK Cupid can be great tools for meeting people, but in some cases, they're used by these predators to harass women.

A new study finds that 76% of women under 30 experience some form of abuse or harassment online, and one in four women under 30 have received general threats of physical violence.

This behaviour, apparently, is called “peacocking”. The jargon Similarly, like lots of little boys' clubs, the pick-up artist world has developed its own pseudo-technical language.

PUAs, of course, are the Pick-Up Artists themselves (entertainingly, if you get really good, you can be a Pick-Up Guru or PUG).

It’s an epidemic that is deeply rooted in pop culture and the media.

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Then, a third match, another guy named Paul, sent her a few messages saying the typical "hey" and "hello." Then, he wrote a long message in all caps ending with "WHY DO I FIND WOMEN THAT ALLS THEY WANT TO DO IS TYPE BACK AND FORTH? "A fourth match named Claus sent a message with so many expletives that out of 31 words, I would only be able to quote 10 of them: "Hi darling, you look so... While there are many men who don't abuse their privilege, that's not always the case.

According to Rimm, there is an “idea that men always have to absolutely dominate women. Related: The Harsh Realities of Being a Woman on Social Media Sex Ed 101: [#cneembed: script/playlist/55b1006261646d0fa4000002.js?

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