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Because of Sima, that government mandated the creation of a Ministry of Women’s Affairs.Sima’s death constitutes an immense tragedy not just for her friends and family but for Afghanistan and especially for her adopted country, the United States.Instead he found that “negotiated settlement” was only a fig leaf for escalating the war.The mainstream media were just beginning to ramp up a propaganda campaign, which would become known as The American people expect the full story from their “free press,” and the Constitution demands that the press serve the people and not the bureaucracy.

Invisible History, Afghanistan’s Untold Story provides the sobering facts and details that every American should have known about America’s secret war, but were never told. fought on the side of extremist-political Islam from Pakistan during the 1980s and against it from Afghanistan since September 11, 2001.

Despite her over two decades of work, the Clinton administration saw little problem with the draconian military advances made by the Taliban from their bases in Pakistan. that the consequences of the CIA’s secret operation that destroyed Sima’s country were far from bad.

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in fact, was said to believe that the Taliban represented a cleansing antidote to the corrupted and feuding warlords empowered by the U. In fact the destruction of Afghanistan was never a concern at all.

The Real Story Behind the Propaganda (read more) Focuses on the Af Pak strategy and the importance of the Durand Line, the border separating Pakistan from Afghanistan but referred to by the military and intelligence community as Zero line. It is therefore appropriate to think of the Durand/Zero line as the place where America’s intentions face themselves; the alpha and omega of nearly 60 years of American policy in Eurasia. Zero line is not.(Coming February, 2011) (read more) Read more...

Read the document that reveals an invasion of Afghanistan by the Shah of Iran was being prepared years before the Soviets invaded. A 19th century philosophy still in use by Washington that infuses a sense of divine mission into the politics of empire building. Who would ever be nostalgic for the old Soviet Union, where truth was what the official government mouthpiece told you it was and everything else was a lie meant to undermine the state?

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